Family Survival Emergency Seed Bank

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Emergency Seed Bank's most popular seed package. Contains 33 varieties.

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Family Survival Emergency Seed Bank contains 33 varieties.  This is Emergency Seed Bank's most popular seed package and contains enough seed for a flourishing 1.5 acre garden of nutritious, non GMO food.  

Bulk Special:  Buy 2 or more Family Survival Emergency Seed Banks and save.  Use one seed bank now for practice and to beat today's rising food costs.  Keep more seed banks to prepare for a future emergency.  In a societal collapse, few things will be more valuable than nutritious food and seeds needed to grow it.

  • 100% Non Hybrid Seeds--You can harvest your own seeds year after year.
  • 100% Non GMO Seeds--Your family food supply will be safe.
  • Prepared for Long Term Storage--Your seeds will grow, when you need them most.
  • Military Grade Ammo Packaging--Seeds are protected from light, mold, insects and moisture damage.
  • 33 Heirloom Varieties--You will have enough produce to share with friends and neighbors.
  • Grows Anywhere in the US--No matter where life takes you, growing will be possible.
33 Seed Varieties Included
  Carrots- Scarlet Nantes,    Melon - Cantaloupe Hales Best Jumbo,
  Corn- Sugar Buns,   Hard Red Wheat,
  Cucumber - Marketmore,   Pepper - Hot-Hungarian Yellow Wax
  Lettuce - Black Seeded Simpson,   Lettuce- Parris Island COS, 
  Lettuce - Romaine,   Pepper - Hot-Cayenne Long Slim,
  Melon, Casaba-Golden Beauty,   Carrots- Chantenay Red Core, 
  Cabbage - Golden Acre,   Pepper - Hot-Jalapeno med., 
  Beet - Detroit Dark Red,   Pea- Lincoln,
  Broccoli - Waltham 29,   Pepper - Aneheim,
  Squash - Summer Zucchini Black Beauty,   Radish- Champion,
  Spinach - Longstanding,   Melon, Yellow Canary 
  Onions - Sweet Spanish white utah,   Buckwheat Groats,
  Watermelon-Crimson Sweet,   Melon, Honeydew-Green Flesh,
  Tomato- ACE 55,   Bean, Edamame,
  Bean, Bush - Blue Lake   Tomato- Roma VF,
  Sweet Pepper- California Wonder,    Bean, Bush - Black Valentine,
  Pepper - Sweet-Keystone Resistant Giant,    Specific varieties may be substituted in the event of shortages
Also Includes:
  • Comprehensive Growing Guide (How to grow your seeds and protect them from Hybridization)
  • Seed Saving Guide (How to collect, save and store the seeds from your garden for future growing seasons) 
Top Reasons to Buy an Emergency Seed Bank Right Now
  1. Big seed companies are trying to outlaw Non Hybrid seeds.
  2. Due to rise of GMO seeds, Non Hybrid seeds are becoming hard to purchase.
  3. Seeds are prepared specifically for long term storage.
  4. When disaster hits, it is to late. These seeds sell out fast.
  5. Military grade water resistant packaging ensures seeds grow when needed.

International Customers: Import laws vary from country to country. Please consult your government's laws and regulations regarding seed importation. INFOWARS SHOP is not responsible for any delays, quarantines, fees, penalties or destruction of product resulting from the attempt to ship seeds out of the United States.

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