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A message on Patriot Points from the Infowars Crew:

Welcome to the Infowars Store!

We're proud of our fellow patriots and Infowarriors for taking part and helping to support us in the fight for truth. That's why we worked hard to create a program that rewards you for purchasing your favorite high quality products from our store - Patriot Points!

Getting points is easy - Just sign up to our program and continue to make purchases and support the Infowar like you normally do. After getting enough points, we'll give you discounts on some of your favorite products across the store as a thank you for your support!

We also have a lot of surprise rewards and benefits for all of our Infowarriors in the Patriot Perks program in store. Your gracious support for our crew in the fight for liberty goes directly towards independent alternative news media, and we owe all of our success and effectiveness to you. So it's time you got rewarded as well!

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to rewarding all of our Patriot Points members soon!

-Alex Jones and the Infowars Crew