Acapella Revolution

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The Alchemical Transformation of Reconstructing the Oral Tradition

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Acapella Revolution (paperback, 264 pages) is the most recent book by Professor Griff.  It discusses a wide range of issues and is interspersed with poetry and lyrics.  The writing style is very creative.  It is a multi-layered construction of a literary work.  The book is infused with the "oral traditional" found in African heritage.  A'capella being associated with the "oral tradition" refers to the transmission of cultural lessons through vocal utterance, vibration and frequencies..  The "oral lore" is cultural material and tradition transmitted orally from one generation to the next.  The messages or testimony are verbally transmitted in speech or song and in modern times may take the form of Hip Hop.  Professor Griff is practicing this tradition to pass on the information about the true nature of our world.  The science of socializing the thoughts of the listener is the revolutionary method that the A'capella revolution movement will bring about.  This "social science" is the oratorical discipline that is in practice today to affect society and human behavior.  The a'capella revolution is the revolution in a'capella. 

The book is also layered in resources.  There is a list of books and DVDs.  There is a list of resources dealing with the New World Order, The Illuminati, Afro-Centered and Afro-Centric education, music and theory.  These resources show the reader what was used to construct songs and develop critical thinking. 
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