Adventure Blanket

Adventure Blanket
The Adventure Blanket is the world's most useful blanket!
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     An amazing new blanket idea, the Adventure Blanket was created by a team of avid travelers, outdoor adventurers, and urban dwellers from all walks of life. They knew the average sleeping bag wasn't always perfect for every situation due to it's shape, bulkiness, and specific uses. That's why they created this blanket - the perfect mix of all needs for everything from a hot day at the beach to a journey across the mountains. 

     Through countless hours of market research and intensive testing, the Adventure Blanket was found to be the world's most functional and effective adventure and survival blanket. This full sized blanket will keep you warm anywhere and anytime due to it's size, conditions, and comfort. The included hood works well with it's waterproof capability, and contains a pocket for additional storage. When used while camping, it can make an outstanding blanket or cover. The possibilities are endless for the functions and uses of the Adventure Blanket. 

     This blanket is a full sized blanket that measures 50" x 72", and is anti-microbial and water resistant! Thanks to all of these incredible properties, with your Adventure Blanket, you can: 

  • Wear it while you walk in the cold to stay warm and dry 
  • Use the hood to create a powerful and effective rain poncho
  • Snap several together to create a spot the whole family can enjoy
  • Use the stash pocket to hold anything you want to keep safe and dry 
  • Bring it to a beach, festival, campground, picnic, hunting trip, boating trip, cabin, and more
  • Even when not in use, the folded up Adventure Blanket makes a great seat! 

     Experience for yourself what the Adventure Blanket can do for you, and enjoy it's multi-purpose wonder today! 

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