AromaSphere Essential Oil Diffuser

AromaSphere Essential Oil Diffuser

Beautiful and compact, this quiet diffuser will disperse oil up to 100 square feet in any space.

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When using some of our incredible Emric's Essentials Essential Oils, there's no easier way to diffuse their intoxicating scent than with this AromaSphere Essential Oil Scent Diffuser Pod! This AromaSphere Essential Oil diffuser will help you experience the power of aromatherapy in any room of your home, office, or other room! Perfect for relaxing anywhere and anytime.

     With just a few drops, the silent fan inside can project the soothing, fragrant, and healthy aromatherapy to you and anyone who walks in! Ranging from frankincense to lemongrass, these powerful smells can help relax your body and ease your stress. Now, you finally have an easy way to spread your favorite essential oil smell across any room to maximize it's benefits! 

     Take advantage now before we run out of these great AromaSphere Essential Oil Diffuser Pods to unlock the true potential of all or any of our Emric's Essentials Essential Oils today! 

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