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Never synthetic, Infowars Life Bio-True Selenium™ is extracted from 100% certified organic mustard seed, functions as a powerful antioxidant and supports a healthy thyroid and immune system.*


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What is Selenium?

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Selenium is one of the most important trace minerals which supports a healthy thyroid gland, supports the immune system, is essential for metabolic pathways, and many more benefits for you health. Selenium even plays an important part in the natural function of reproductive health, DNA production, and eyesight to make your body as a whole more effective and stronger.*

As a powerful antioxidant, selenium helps to keep your body safe from free radicals within it, and may even be considered a "super antioxidant" because of the way in which it may support other antioxidants functions within the body system.

One of the most valuable roles that Selenium plays is supporting the natural production of glutathione peroxidase, a key antioxidant enzyme that builds up the thyroid and even helps recycle vitamin E and vitamin C into active scavengers of free radicals within you.

Based on those principles, Infowars Life’s extremely effective Bio-True Selenium capsules are made from 100% certified organic mustard seeds, and each serving delivers 200 mcg of food-derived, vegan-friendly selenium for the most organic beginnings.

The Top 5 Reasons That You Need To Consider Adding Selenium To Your Supplement List

1. A Powerful Antioxidant To Fight Free Radicals

Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals inside the body that damage cells and may lead to premature aging without care directed towards them. Selenium’s antioxidant status also helps support the immune system naturally to help you build greater resistance to invaders.*

2. Healthy Thyroid Support To Support Normal Function

Much like iodine, selenium is important for maintaining and supporting normal thyroid function. Selenium is necessary for the production of thyroid hormones, and a selenium deficiency can negatively affect healthy hormone balance and normal thyroid function by slowing down your body and it's processes.*

3. Supports Cardiovascular Health And Reduces Oxidative Stress

Selenium plays a notable role in supprting normal cardiovascular health to keep you body flowing naturally and organically. Selenium can benefit heart health by soothing oxidative stress and supporting normal circulation to help you fight the stresses of daily life.*

4. Food-Sourced Formula For Organic, Natural Supplements

Unlike many selenium formulas out there on the market for more expensive prices, Infowars Life Bio-True Selenium™ is never synthetic, and always organic. It’s a whole food form of selenium extracted from 100% certified organic mustard seed t oboost your body's performance. Each high-potency capsule delivers 200 mcg of highly bioavailable, organically sourced selenium to ensure you get your daily dose with ease.

5. Unparalleled Quality

Infowars Life’s high-potency selenium formula is produced in the USA at a state of the art manufacturing facility equipped with all modern equipment that adheres to cGMP guidelines and has achieved ISO 22000 certification -- the highest in food safety. We make sure to always reach this standard to provide our customers with the greatest organic benefits.

Interesting Facts About Selenium
  • Selenium concentrations decline with age, so make sure you take advantage of them soon!
  • Selenium is more concentrated in the thyroid than any other area of the body for a healthy and functioning thyroid.
  • Foods reputed to be good sources of selenium include Brazil Nuts, brewer's yeast, wheat germ, garlic, grains, sunflower seeds, walnuts, raisins, and seafood for a wide variety in diet and function.
  • Soil levels of selenium can vary dramatically from one region to the next across the entire world.
The Health Benefits of Selenium
  • Selenium is one of the body's primary antioxidant enzymes to fight radical cells and maintain functions*
  • Supports normal thyroid and immune function in healthy individuals to maintain a healthy, clean body.*
  • Encourages normal oxygen levels in the heart to keep you going.*
  • Supports healthy bones and joints to keep you moving without issue.*
  • Required for the production of prostaglandins that promote healthy blood flow for great circulation.*
  • In synergy with vitamin E, selenium supports energy producing cells to keep you awake and aware all day.*

The Top 3 Questions People Ask About Selenium Before Trying Our Supplements

1. How much selenium is enough? The recommended dietary allowance of selenium for adults can range from 55-200mcg. Adult females may need as little as 55 mcg; adult males as little as 70 mcg; pregnant females at least 65 mcg; and 75 mcg/day for lactating females. For adults, the safe upper limit is 400 mcg/day.

2. Why is consistent consumption of selenium important for a healthy body? Selenium is a trace mineral and we only need a small amount of it to truly experience it's benefits. However, because it plays a role in many important functions, it may get used quickly. A selenium supplement can help ensure regular and consistent availability of this important nutrient so that every function can benefit from it's strengths.

3. Why is mustard seed used as the source for the Infowars Life Selenium Supplement? Mustard seeds are an excellent, vegan-friendly and all-organic source of selenium and other nutrients for supplements. In fact, Infowars Life’s Bio-True Selenium™ extract even offers cofactors and co-nutrients from the mustard seeds that help the activity of the selenium to give you the biggest bang for your buck.*

Get your bottle of the revolutionary formula in Infowars Life Bio-True Selenium and start experiencing the powerful benefits for yourself and your body.

Buy now in bulk 2-pack to save on months of benefit!

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