Buy One Alex Jones Mask Get 4 Free

Buy One Alex Jones Mask Get 4 Free

A special way to share the news and make sure the world knows that We Are All Alex Jones.

Buy one at cost and get 4 free for just 9.95!

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There are a lot of reasons to get an Alex Jones plastic mask. You can wear them out to political events and trigger libtards! But one of the biggest reasons is it's a great conversation starter at any costume party or Halloween.

But on top of that they admit that wearing these masks does absolutely nothing to prevent you from getting COVID-19 or anything else, it's total virtue signaling to show that you're prepared for forced innoculations and contact tracing that they're openly annoucing.

It's an act of submission, it's an act of like putting a burka on your head and bowing down.

But a big reason to wear these is that in the stores when people like to ask you why you're wearing a Halloween mask, say "It's just as useless as the stupid cloth mask that you're wearing". And the N-95 mask only controls what's coming in, not coming out, so they spread COVID-19, they don't protect from it.

It's a great way to throw it back in these control freak's faces. And now, for a limited time, you can buy one for 9.95 and get 4 free at cost at Infowars Store dot com!

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