100 Pk - Citizens Rule Books

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Do you know your rights? A selection of some of our nation's most important documents are collected in one convenient, pocket-sized resource.

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   The Constitution, the Bill Of Rights, the Declaration of Independence - all founding documents created by some of the greatest and wisest men in American history. But you would be surprised how many people don't know their fundamental rights given by these documents. With this ignorance, our enemies have been able to take over, pushing forward global tyranny from the Deep State. But we Infowarriors know that the battle for freedom will be fueled by knowledge and our fellow patriots! 

   That's why we're happy to bring you a 100 Pack of our Citizens Rule Books, which contain several crucial documents that every American should know by heart. With this 100 pack, you can share the gift of freedom and knowledge with your family, your loved ones, strangers, and you can even share them at rallies, events, and meetings! Every rule book handed out could mean another patriot in the fight against global tyranny. 

   Additionally, your purchase will go towards helping and funding Infowars in the Alternative Media Revolution! Fight back against the misinformation and redirecting of knowledge with the 100 Pack of our Citizens Rule Books, and help others find the foundation of their nation. 



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