CNN is Fake News T-Shirt

CNN is Fake News T-Shirt

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CNN is globalist propaganda. CNN is fake news. BUY THE SHIRT TODAY!

With their new "Facts First" campaign, CNN is trying to pull the hood over the world's eyes to pretend they do something other than say globalist lies. Hosts like CNNs Tapper lie to the public, push the globalist agenda, and insult our President daily. That's why we need to show the world that we know CNN is fake news! With this shirt, you can make sure that you spread the word about the truth on CNN. 

The shirt features the CNN logo on the front with the phrase "is fake news" right underneath to make your point heard. It also features the Infowars Logo on the back with "real news" underneath to tell your fellow Patriots where to find the truth about the world. As always, it features the logo on the sleeve and is made of a comfortable fabric to help you make a statement in style. 

Fight back against the globalist talking points and spread the truth to the world about CNN's globalist lies with this CNN is Fake News T-shirt from Alex Jones and the Infowars Crew!

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