Come and Take It Flag

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A 3x5 ft white polyester flag with 2 metal grommets.

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   Based on one of the most popular flags and statements in U.S. and Texan history, this updated version of the "Come And Take It" flag will help you show your support for your god-given Second Amendment rights. 

   When Santa Anna assumed he could take away the small town of Gonzalez, Texas' only cannon in a takeover of the city to leave them defenseless in 1835, the citizens of Gonzalez said their most famous words - Come And Take It. Now, you too can show the government that if they want to take away your Second Amendment rights, they'll have to come and take them away from you themselves. 

   This updated Come And Take It flag is 3x5 feet with a Polyester blend material and 2 metal grommets, and features an updated design that replaces the traditional cannon with a more modern M16 design. Whether this flag is placed on a pole, above the fireplace, or taken to rallies, this flag will show the world you patriotism and love for the Declaration of Independence and your Second Amendment Rights. 

   Additionally, every purchase made, including this flag, will go towards supporting Alex Jones and the Infowars Crew in the new fight against tyranny, the Main Stream Media, and the Deep State! Show your support and find your fellow Infowarriors with this "Come And Take It" flag


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