Come And Take It M16 T-Shirt

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Come And Take It M16 T-Shirt - A Modern Update of the traditional Come And Take It flag.

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Come And Take It M16 T-Shirt

Show that you strongly support your Second Amendment rights and that you won't stand by while people try to remove your guns with this Come And Take It M16 T-Shirt! 

Featuring a modern take on the traditional Battle of Gonzalez flag, this Come and Take It M16 shirt is an update on one of our most popular Infowars Store shirts! With this shirt, you can find your fellow patriots and Infowarriors in the world and show your support for one of the most important rights in fighting tyranny, while also supporting Alex Jones and the Infowars Crew in fighting the Deep State and global tyranny across the airwaves. 
The shirt features a simple Come And Take It design with an M16 and star located above it, replicating the traditional design of the Come And Take It flag. It also prominantly features the Infowars logo across the back, and the Infowars American flag logo on the sleeve. 
Buy now and show your support for your Second Amendment rights, and to tell those who wish you harm that if they want to take your guns, they'll have to come and take it! 
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