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Eighth Element Supplement By Earth Pulse

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A powerful supplement from Earth Pulse with the most potent Cordyceps product available!

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Eighth Element™, is a custom blend of powerful Cordyceps sinensis. For thousands of years, Cordyceps has been highly valued in China as a tonic food and herbal medicine. In nature it is rare, very expensive, and subject to contamination. Today, a potent strain of Cordyceps, CS-4, is grown in a controlled environment, under sterile conditions, making it safe, affordable, and available for use as nutritional therapy for many conditions.

Eighth Element™ is a combination of Cordyceps strains formulated to help your body  with stamina and anti-ageing effects!

Supplement Facts: Serving Size, 2 Caplets; Servings per Container, 30 (60 Capsules)

The Ultimate Cordyceps Combination! The only one of its kind! Five strains of Cordyceps are brought together from five different ecosystems to provide a superior performance edge... unlike any other performance product in the world!

Cordyceps is a family of mushrooms 
with fascinating bioactive properties.

They all live in extremely harsh environments and have evolved a complex chemistry that is found nowhere else in nature. An example of these beneficial compounds are De-oxy-nucleosides - DNA-like structures that insert themselves into DNA and interrupt the synthesis of aberrant cells. Each environment where Cordyceps grows requires different survival techniques; therefore each strain has its own unique array of bioactive compounds evolved to meet those demands.

What is Eighth Element™? 
Eighth Element™ is a proprietary energy-enhancement blend, made from all natural ingredients and made specifically to support increasing actual energy and athletic performance. Eighth Element™ is formulated into Time-Release tablets made from seven different types of Cordyceps, shown in many scientific trials to increase both Oxygen utilization and ATP production.

What makes Eighth Element™ any different? 
The Cordyceps derived compounds in Eighth Element™ have been tested in a number of Clinical Trials over many years. The results have been amazingly positive in each one of these studies. Cordyceps also has the advantage that it has been time-tested for centuries. In fact until recently only the very wealthy could even afford these rare herbal materials.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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