Fish Oils Combo Pack

Fish Oils Combo Pack

Get the best of both worlds and experience our powerhouse Ultimate Fish and Krill Oils together!

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Everything You Want Out Of A Fish Oil In One Convenient Formula!

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            For years, fish oils have been one of the most important and recognizable supplements in the market. Due to their ability to support many parts of the body, it’s the best bang for your buck in whole body health and wellness support. But with the cheap stuff at the store, you don’t know what you might get or where that fish comes from.

            That’s why we created Ultimate Fish Oil – a powerful formula blend that contains ultra-pure Antarctic krill oil, high quality wild-caught unmodified salmon oil and more incredible, natural ingredients to help support your mind and body. With Ultimate Fish Oil, you can experience the benefits of super concentrated EPA and DHA in a single capsule.

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Why Try Fish Oils?

            Fish oils have taken the world by storm, and for good reason. Studies have suggested that fish oils and fish oil supplementation can slightly lower blood pressure, decrease triglyceride levels, decrease the growth rate of plaque and provide a soothing reduction in inflammatory responses in joints and the digestive system. With these powerhouse ingredients in your supplement roster, you’ll be able to provide for your body’s needs and support its growth.

            In addition, recent studies have suggested that high EPA and DHA fish oil can stimulate immune function by increasing the concentration and activity of immune cells. That’s why our team of scientists created this powerful proprietary formula with high-quality krill and salmon oil. The salmon oil adds Ultimate 3’s and antioxidants, while the ultra-pure Antarctic krill oil adds phospholipids and antioxidants, working synergistically with fish oils in a related but significantly different pathway in the body.

What’s Inside The Bottle?

            Shown to be essential for brain development with promising studies on its ability to prevent cognitive decline in older populations, the DHA in fish oil is one of the foundations this formula is built on. With as much super concentrated EPA and DHA as a half-pound of cooked tuna or a pound of catfish, each capsule of Ultimate Fish Oil includes:

  • Wild Anchovy Purified Fish Oil – Wild Anchovy oil molecularly distilled without the use of chemicals. This oil is unmodified and in the superior "triglyceride" form.
  • Krill Oil – Fresh, unmodified Antarctic Krill Oil from Antarctic waters. Wild caught for superior antioxidant content versus farm raised.
  • Wild Salmon Oil – Fresh wild salmon oil caught in the fjords of Norway. Wild caught for superior antioxidant content versus farm raised.
  • Vitamin D - Vitamin D3 is found naturally occurring in fish oils and works synergistically with fish oils in your body.
  • Vitamin E - Vitamin E adds potent antioxidant protection that keeps the fish oil fresh and helps protect you too!

            With these ingredients and a natural, plant derived advanced targeted delivery system, each capsule contains 1,000 mg of super concentrated EPA and DHA without the “fishy burps” typically found in other fish oils pills. This powerhouse formula can help support your body by:

  • Supporting optimal heart health
  • Supporting optimal joint health
  • Supporting optimal cognitive health
  • Supporting immune function
  • Supporting vascular health
  • Supporting circulatory health

            Whether you’re a first-time fish oil buyer, or you’re looking for a powerful alternative to your current supplement, there’s no better time to take advantage of what fish oils can do for your body. Try Ultimate Fish Oil today and experience the powerful DHA and EPA formula!

A Powerful Alternative To The Traditional Fish Oils – Krill Oil!

2-Pack      |      5-Pack      |      10-Pack

            With its massive popularity and benefits, fish oil has traditionally been the go to supplement for everyone’s source of EPA and DHA. But there’s a powerful alternative to give you similar benefits with less of those required ingredients while providing antioxidants and Omega 3s – Krill Oil!

            With Ultra Pure Krill Oil, you can experience the benefits of high-quality, never chemically modified Krill Oil on your body. Using ultra-pure krill oil concentrate, Infowars Life has created a formula that supports the mind and the body in the fight against toxins. Paired with Omega Fish Oil or used as an alternative supplement, Ultra Pure Krill Oil will be one of the best additions to your supplement lineup.

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Why Try Krill Oil?

          Ultra Pure Krill Oil is a powerhouse formula that takes advantage of what Krill Oil can provide you. Recent studies have shown that Krill Oil has numerous benefits that have been shown in studies, including the ability to reduce inflammation and increase flexibility and mobility, help in brain development and aid in maintaining cognitive function with age.

            With its naturally occurring antioxidants, Krill Oil can support your body where it counts. One of those antioxidants, astaxanthin, has been seen in recent promising research to regulate fat metabolism and regulate unwanted blood LDL cholesterol levels! The algae that the Krill eat that gives them their recognizable red color provides this incredible antioxidant to give your body a powerful antioxidant boost.

What’s Inside The Bottle?

            Ultra Pure Krill Oil was made with our users in mind for a simple and concentrated formula. Each capsule contains about 5 Krill to provide you the maximum benefit, which equals 300 Krill in every bottle! The formula includes:

  • Krill Oil - Our Ultra Pure Krill Oil is made with Krill Oil of the highest quality. Never bleached or chemically modified like other Krill oils, our Krill Oil still contains all the original antioxidant capacity.
  • Gelatin, Glycerin, and Purified Water – Gelatin, vegetable derived USP grade glycerin, and purified water make up the outer shell of the softgel.

            With just these 2 components, our Krill Oil can support your body in a variety of ways, including:

  • Supporting optimal heart health
  • Supporting optimal joint health
  • Supporting optimal cognitive health
  • Aiding in regulating fat metabolism

            A simple formula to help boost your mind and body, Ultra Pure Krill Oil makes the perfect companion or alternative for our Omega Fish Oil supplement. Whether you’re adding to your personal supplement line, or just want to see what Krill can do for you, there’s no better time than today to try out Ultra Pure Krill Oil from Infowars Life!



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