Freeze-Dried Sliced Strawberries

Freeze-Dried Sliced Strawberries

Yummy right out of the can or for recipes too. Every emergency food cache needs one.

The news media has focused on the Coronavirus emergency for days now. At the start of February, demand for our storable food products was 10X above normal. Since the start of this week it has spiked to 100X normal volume. We have documented this change almost daily for you on this web page. These are unprecedented times. It's no longer "emergency preparedness" we're dealing with, but "emergency reaction." Please be aware that there will be a delay in shipping of 16 weeks or more.


Strawberries are "nature's candy." Incredibly sweet and tart, our  Freeze-Dried Strawberries in a #10 can are great on their own or in your favorite recipes. They pair well with chocolate, cream, light pastries and much more.

Ready Hour Freeze-Dried Strawberries are a convenient power snack for after school, after dinner, in a lunch box or in an emergency. Buy some for daily use and some for your survival food supply, so that you and your loved ones have healthy snacks should a crisis strike. This item comes in a big #10 can size, more than five times the size of a normal soup can.

Due to high demand, please allow potentially over 16 weeks for delivery.

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