Infowars Phone Stand - Hexagon Logo

Infowars Phone Stand - Hexagon Logo

You've seen them everywhere - now you can get your own and support your phone and the Infowar at the same time!

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     Everyone drops their phone, putting your dollars at risk. That's why it's important to take preventative measures and protect your phone from the everyday drops with a stronger grip!

     The Infowars Phone Stand functions as a convenient stand, grip holder and accessory for your phone to help you represent the Infowar while making your phone easier to use. No more claw hands to use your phone and call, text, or take pictures - this phone stand can help you get a handle on your most important communication device. Used to secure your phone and reduce drops, simply take off the adhesive and apply to the back of your phone to begin using it anywhere!

     When in need, the Infowars Phone Stand can be extended or pushed back in place to keep it from becoming inconvenient. Just place it on the back of your phone or similar device for a better grip or stand no matter the location. And with the Infowars Hexagon logo featured prominantly on the phone stand, you'll be able to show your support for the Infowar on your phone wherever you go. 

     With convenience and support all wrapped up in one, there's no better time to get a better hold on your device with the Infowars Phone Stand!

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