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Capitalists walk their dogs, Socialists eat them Shirt

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Due to Ocasio-Cortez threatening Don Jr. with a subpoena over a meme, we thought it was the right time to upload the next big thing in representing the Infowar!


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     In one of the best quotes of 2018, Donald Trump Jr. told the world the number one reason why true Patriots stand against socialism. With followers just as rabid as her, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would bring socialism and destruction to the United States. That's why Alex Jones and all our fellow Infowarriors will take a stand against the incoming political threat. 

     With a funny design featuring Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as the very dog that socialists eat, this is a perfect gift for like-minded Patriots or to wear around the house. Featuring the quote "Capitalists walk their dogs, Socialists eat them" along the top and the bottom, and the classic Infowars flag design on the sleeve, this is an easily recognizable design to help you have a laugh with your fellow Infowarriors wherever you go. 

     Don't stand idly by while the socialists invade our state - have a laugh and protect your dogs while supporting the Infowar with the "Capitalists walk their dogs, Socialists at them!" shirt at the Infowars Store today! 


Capitalists walk their dogs, Socialists eat them shirt

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