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CNN Terrorist Poster Shirt - Gray

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Buy yours today and fight back against the Main Stream Media's lies and domestic terrorism!

Retail: $24.95

Now: $14.95

Savings: $10.00 ( 40.08% )

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Retail: $24.95

Now: $14.95

Savings: $10.00 ( 40.08% )

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Buy your CNN Terrorist Poster Gray T-Shirt Here Today To Send A Message To The MSM!

   There's no lying their way out of this one - Kathy Griffin, Comedian and CNN employee, has made the ultimate attack against liberty and freedom by showing a fake beheading of our President, Donald Trump. Around the world, people rightfully condemn ISIS for beheading citizens in terrorist actions, but everyone turned a blind eye to this act of domestic terrorism. But no more, with this CNN Terrorist Poster Shirt in Gray

   You can buy this shirt and show the world that you know the truth, and that the MSM won't be able to ignore this. It's time to FIGHT BACK against the toxic lies that CNN has been allowed to spread against President Trump and our Republic with this CNN Terrorist Poster Shirt in Gray. This shirt, which features the striking graphic that Kathy Griffin shamelessly shared across social media, also features prominantly the message "CNN Terrorist" to show the world that you truly know what kind of person Kathy Griffin and the Main Stream Media can be. 

   Additionally, across the back, you will see the Infowars.com logo so that you can find other patriots in the world. Wear this shirt proudly as we stand up to those who would see our country and way of life completely destroyed for their own gains. Fight back against the globalists with this shirt and spread the word that Kathy Griffin perpetuated a terrorist act with her CNN stunt of a fake, islamic terrorist style beheading with this CNN Terrorist Poster Shirt in Gray

   Your purchase will go on to support the Infowars team in the fight against global tyranny and the Deep State operatives!

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