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Infowars Folded Knit Beanie

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Keep warm, look good and support the Info War with our stylish folded knit beanie caps.

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   Een when it's cold, you should be able to fight tyranny and show you know the trtuh. With this Infowars Folded Knit Beanie Cap, you can keep warm, look good, and support the Infowar in style. The Cap's folded side will help keep your forehead warm in the coldest weather, and features a black knit color with white embroidered letters around the cap. 

   On the front, the cap shows the fan favorite traditional Infowars.com logo, and on the back, the cap reads 9/11=Inside Job to show those around you that you know the truth. Additionally, every purchase of this hat and any other products in the Infowars Store will help support Infowars and the Infowars Crew in the fight against the Main Stream Media for the Alternative Media Revolution. 

   Buy now to stay warm and support the fight against the Deep State and Tyranny! 



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