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Texas Blue Line T-Shirt

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With the Texas Blue Line Shirt from Infowars, you can show the world that you stand United with your fellow patriots and Infowarriors.

Retail: $24.95

Now: $9.95

Savings: $15.00 ( 60.12% )

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Retail: $24.95

Now: $9.95

Savings: $15.00 ( 60.12% )

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Texas Blue Line T-Shirt - We Will Stand United Against Tyranny

The enemies of the United States are hard at work day and night to destroy our great country and divide our nation along political, social, and economic faultlines. 

But we, as Americans, know that one phrase that echoes throughout our history will be what saves our nation against the globalist tyrannical threat - United We stand, Divided We Fall. That's why it's so important that we're able to find our fellow patriots and Infowarriors and spread the truth with this Texas Blue Line T-Shirt from the Infowar Store! 

This shirt features several important messages that you can send to the people around you. The Texas Blue Line logo shows your support for our men and women in blue who put their lives on the line every day to make sure that we stay safe and comfortable. Our police men and women work hard but don't get nearly enough respect, which is what makes the blue line logo so important. The blue line logo across the pocket of the front of the shirt features a popular military phrase adaption - you only have one life to risk, which makes the jobs of police men and women that much more important, and that much more deserving of respect. 

Additionally, across the back of the shirt you can find the phrase "United We Stand, Divided We Fall" to remind our fellow patriots and citizens that our pride in our nation will unite us against tyranny. Across the sleeve you have a fan favorite American flag Infowars.com logo to help find your fellow Infowarriors in the wild. 

This shirt represents a lot of traditional American values - respect for our police officers, pride in our nation and states, and pride in our ability to unite as one nation against the globalist tyrannical threat. With this shirt, you can find your fellow patriots and Infowarriors and resist the Deep State's attempts to divide us, while also supporting the Infowars Team and Alex Jones in fighting against the misinformation and uniting our country against tyranny! 

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