Black Long Sleeved Camo Molon Labe T-Shirt

Black Long Sleeved Camo Molon Labe T-Shirt
A classic digital camo design with our .50 Cal Molon Labe design and black sleeve outlets and collar.
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Molon Labe - Come and Take It

Digi camo, long sleeved, 100% combed cotton shirt with our .50 Cal Molon Labe design.  

This incredibly popular Infowars 1776 design features two .50 caliber bullets crossed in front of a Spartan helmet.  Molon Labe is written in classic Greek script across the top with an American flag in the background.  The back features an Infowars logo just below the neckline.

The Black Long Sleeved Camo Molon Labe Shirt is part of our incredible line of American made products.  Printed on a high quality, Made in the USA, 100% cotton

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