Californians Keep Out Texas Flag T-Shirt

Californians Keep Out Texas Flag T-Shirt

As more Californians flee their failing socialist state to come to Texas, you can show them they're unwelcome and support the Infowar with this shirt! Select your size to see your savings!

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     As more Californians flood the great state of Texas after fleeing California's failed socialist policy, they aim to bring those failures here. Now's the time to take a stand and let the liberal invaders know that Texas doesn't need them with the "Californians Keep Out Texas Flag"! 

     With a simple but easily recognizable design, the black shirt features the Texas flag with a barbed wire fence in front of it. On the fence is the most important sign around - Californians keep out! The Infowars flag logo and the new Hexagon logo are on opposite sleeves to help your fellow Infowarriors find you wherever you are to gather like minded Patriots together. 

     Don't let Texas turn into another failed liberal state, keep the Californians from ruining the lone star state and show your support for the Infowar today with the "Californians Keep Out Texas Flag Shirt"!

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