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Aegis Armored Notebook

Quick Overview

An extremely portable and affordable option for self defense, the Aegis Armored Notebook is the answer for an easily concealable bulletproof shield for work, school or home.



     The Aegis Armored Notebook is the perfect school or business ompanion, and the answer for a concealable bulletproof shield. Strong, but easy to move and store, it can be placed in your backpack or on your desk for affordable and quickly accessible protection. Made to give you the peace of mind you need in a crisis near you to help you protect yourself or others, the Aegis Armored Notebook is a must have for any prepared citizen. 

     When fully opened, the Aegis Armored Notebook provides you with 11" x 22" of coverage that will stop a 44 mag, 357 sig, 45 acp, 40 cal, 9 mm, 38 special and more. Paired with the RTG backpack, you can double your protection on your back, reducing the effects of trauma on your body that may occur. 

     The product comes with the powerful Standard Level IIIA armor protection. This armor comes with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty, and the outer shell can be easily replaced by Citizen Armor. With plenty of pocket and storage space inside, and a binder ring to hold any important documents, this notebook is a must have for any student or professional looking for a little extra protection. 

     An easy way to protect yourself and the ones around you, this inconspicuous but powerful armor is the next step in personal defense. Get one today to keep yourself safe in any emergency!

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