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Citizen Armor Grey Man Stealth Tactical Backpack

Quick Overview

Stealth Tactical Backpack is perfectly designed for bug-out bags and survival kits. Citizen Armor is made with CarbonNT, an industry-leading carbon nanotube formula. The tensile strength of CNT’s is 100x greater than steel. This unique nano-particle gives Citizen Armor the extra strength while cutting down on size and weight.

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Carbon NanoTube Technology Body Armor

Finally, someone thought to provide an armored bug out bag.  The Stealth Tactical Backpack is perfectly designed for bug-out bags and survival kits.

Low threat stops: .22LR, .22mag, .380, 9mm, .40S&W, .45ACP

High threat stops all low threat rounds plus: .357mag, .357sig, .44mag

A grey man is one who would rather blend in with the crowd than broadcast their gear and abilities.  The concept is that if you blend in with the crowd, you’ll go unnoticed by possible threats.  Even then, if a threat does arise, you have the comfort of knowing your backpack is equipped with Citizen Armor; the lightest, flexible armor available.

Wearing a camo tactical assault pack covered with Molle and an AR-15 strapped to it shouts out for attention.  This backpack does just the opposite.  Nobody would be the wiser if you employed the side handles and used this as your gym bag.  Nobody would take notice if a student wore this around campus.  Also, nobody would pay much attention if you were walking with this following a disaster.  This bag helps keep you from being a target to would-be predators and looters.


  • Citizen Armor insert covers full back profile inside pack
  • Discrete, non-tactical appearance that allows you to blend in and not draw attention to your supply
  • Conceal carry pockets for carrying weapons and other important items without being noticed
  • Built-in waterproof covering to keep your supply out of the elements
  • Flint striker and whistle built into the chest strap for fire starting and signaling
  • All-Around Support Strap and heavy duty components provide assurance for keeping your supply safe
  • MOLLE System hidden on the bottom of the bag for attaching additional packs
  • Duffle Mode: detach the shoulder straps and store them in the bag and carry the bag like a duffle bag
  • Clip-on straps allow you to wear the bag like a backpack or carry it like a carry-on bag by removing and stowing away the straps


Dimensions: 14″ (W) x 11″ (D) x 21″ (H)

Weight: 3.5 lbs

Capacity: 53L

Color: Black & Gray


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