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RTG Armored Backpack

Quick Overview

When wearing body armor full time isn't practical, get the next best thing - an evolution in personal security, the Ready To Go (RTG) system backpack from Citizen Armor is finally here!

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     Despite the need for personal security, we can't always wear body armor. It can be uncomfortable or bulky, and work, schools and public buildings may not allow it. But with the RTG system backpack, you can easily carry your armor with you in a discreet, extremely portable and innovative way!

     The RTG system backpack is the next step in the evolution of personal body armor. When needed, you can deploy a full bulletproof armored vest in less than 2 seconds - all without removing the backpack. The RTG armored ballistic pack easily attaches to the Citizen Armor retrofitted OGIO backpack, and zippers on and off easily to allow the user to swap backpacks. The backpack can also be worn by itself if needed. 

     The RTG Armored backpack provides you with a way to always have the protection you deserve where and when you need it. With front and side armor protection, concealed weapon pockets in the armor pack, and velcro to attach a firearm holster, the RTG Armored backpack is the complete personal security system, all on your person. Paired with the Aegis Armored Notebook, you have a personal security system that can't be beat.

Details On The RTG Armored Backpack



  • Ready To Go – rapid armor deployment in under 2 seconds
  • Front, back and side armor protection
  • 5 year armor warranty
  • Armor made in the U.S.A
  • Concealed weapon pockets in armor pack (ambidextrous)
  • Modular design allows for backpack to be removed and worn by itself
  • Velcro to attach firearm holster (sold separately)
  • Bulletproof, ballistic backpack with concealed armor until it is deployed


  • Level IIIA: Stops all LEVEL II plus .357 Sig & .44 Mag | Areal density 1.32 lbs/sq.ft. | Thinness 0.24 in.


  • Will fit chest sizes 35″ to 65″
  • Belt sizes: 30″ to 65″



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