Pocket Socket USB

Pocket Socket USB

Powerful and easily transportable, the Pocket Socket 2.0 USB 1Amp should be a part of anyone's everyday or bug out bag.

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     Whether it's daily battery troubles or a significant emergency, the Pocket Socket 2.0 SUB 1Amp will be your go to tool for accessible manual energy. The latest in hand-crank energy generators from K-Tor, it provides up to one amp of power thorugh a standard USB port for any USB chargeable device. This makes the Pocket Socket 2.0 USB 1Amp the most powerful pocket sized hand crank generator on the market by far!

     Including advanced features such as a smart chip that converts directly from the generator to the USB 5 volt output, electronic current limiting and thermal protection to protect against accidental overloads, the Pocket Socket 2.0 USB 1Amp fits conveniently in your car, at home, in your bags or even in your pocket for ready to use energy wherever you need it! Using the smart chip, this hand crank generator features a high level of efficiency making this generator the highest power delivered to the USB device being charged and at the lowest possible cranking effort.

     The Pocket Socket 2.0 USB 1Amp even includes a Velcro strap to attach the body of the unit to the hand holding it to increase your efficiency and make the hand-cranking process that much easier! It can also be attached to a solid object for those looking to increase their output.

     There's no reason to sit unprepared in the dark - get your Pocket Socket 2.0 USB 1Amp today to be ready for when the lights go out!

     Size: 2.5 x 2.25 x 6.875 inches

     Weight: 15 oz.

     Power Output: 5V DC 1 AMP

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