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Harvest Right Mylar Starter Kit

Quick Overview

Get started the right way to preserving your food for up to 25 years.

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What's Included in Your Kit?

Harvest Right Sealer One 12″ Impulse Sealer  In order to properly package food with a Mylar Pouch and Oxygen Absorber, it is important to achieve a good seal on your pouch. This 12” impulse sealer provides a great 5mm wide seal in order to assure a tight seal. Other sealers are cheaper but don’t offer a wide enough seal (5mm). It is easy to use and convenient as there is no warm-up time for sealing. This sealer is not only useful for sealing Mylar Pouches, but can be used to seal other types of plastic bags.
Mylar Bags

Fifty 8″x12″ Mylar Bags


Fifty 10″x14″ Mylar Bags

Each Mylar bag is food grade and rated for long term storage. The 7 mil thickness and Mylar material aid in preventing oxygen and water from penetrating the bag. Because oxygen and water are the two major components that cause food to spoil, packaging in a quality Mylar bag is essential for long term storage.
Oxygen Absorber One Hundred Oxygen Absorbers Oxygen absorbers are used to protect packaged foods and other products against spoilage, mold growth, color change, loss of nutritive values, insect damage and loss of quality. By removing residual oxygen inside packaging to below 0.01% this 300CC oxygen absorber effectively preserves packaged foods without the need for food additives/preservatives and without the need for vacuum sealing.
Additional Info

Introduction To Freeze Drying



Questions About The Harvest Right

  1. How does the freeze dryer work?

  2. How Long does it take to freeze dry each batch?

  3. What maintenance is required for a freeze dryer?

    The vacuum pump comes with an initial supply of oil. There are 3 cups of oil in a vacuum pump that need to be changed periodically. Before each new batch you should drain out a tablespoon of oil and add a tablespoon. Vacuum pump oil can be purchased online from sites like Amazon.com or from a variety of retail locations (like an auto parts store or a refrigeration supplier).

  4. Where does the water go that is taken out of the food during the freeze drying process?

    During the freeze dry process, the water sublimates (evaporates) out of the food and then freezes to the walls of the chamber of the freeze dryer. Once the freeze dry process is complete, the unit has a defrost cycle that quickly melts the ice to get it ready for the next batch.

  5. What types of food can be freeze dried?

    You truly can freeze-dry almost anything. All kinds of fruits, vegetables and meats taste wonderful when freeze dried. That includes things like tomatoes, apples, bananas, strawberries, peaches, green beans, peppers, onions, potatoes, spinach, shrimp, pork, beef, turkey and even ice cream. Your favorite meals that include meat may be easily freeze dried. Foods like lasagna, rice dishes, cheese macaroni, chili, beef stew, chicken a la king, casseroles, shrimp, lobster, pulled pork, pasta sauces or scrambled eggs are perfect for this process. You will find that it is a delight to experiment with different foods and meals in your freeze dryer. A great way to start is by picking meals that are already favorites in your home.

  6. Is it OK to freeze things prior to placing in the freeze dryer?

    Yes! It is a great to put frozen products into your Freeze Dryer. Your machine will accept pre-frozen foods and cool them even further, to around -40 degrees F.

  7. What components make up a freeze dryer?

    The freeze dryer unit itself as well as a high-quality vacuum pump that sits outside the freeze dryer.


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