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Emric's Essentials

Introducing The New Emric's Essentials Line of Organic Household Products at InfowarsStore.com

For over two decades listeners have been asking me why we don't carry our own line of organic household products like bug spray, sunscreen, and body wash at InfowarsStore.com. 

The answer, quite frankly, is because even after trying out hundreds of different brands and speaking to dozens of manufacturers, there was always a deal breaker. Either their products contained hidden toxic ingredients, or they were way too overpriced.

Then, after 23 years, I found a company run by a fellow Patriot that was dedicated to producing high quality organic products that were even better and cost far less than other leading brands.

They agreed to launch a new private label with us called Emric's Essentials, and give us the best exclusive pricing that's about 20% less than many of the brands you see in major grocery stores.

We are proud to introduce an entire new line of organic-based household products at InfowarsStore.com

Start saving money and stop exposing yourself and your family to toxic ingredients.


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