Patriot Pantry 2-Week Food Supply Ammo Crate

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With 92 servings and 1,500+ calories per day, the 2-Week Food Supply Ammo Crate is the perfect companion for any trip or car!

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Your Number One Companion For Short-Term Emergencies

     With a rugged crate and water-resistant seal, the 2-Week Food Supply Ammo Crate from Patriot Pantry should be the first thing you get for any trip. Able to be carried like a suitcase, placed in any vehicle, or even just stored at home, it's an important part of any survival plan. 

     Similar to the other storable food supply kits we offer, the 2-Week Food Supply Ammo Crate has a 25-year shelf life with food grown and made in the USA, then place dinto resealable, military-grade Mylar packages for maximum security. Containing tasty breakfasts, lunches and dinners, it can be sealed with double padlock tabs and has an O-Ring seal for water resistant dry storage. 

     Measuring 19"x15.75"x5.25", it small enough to be placed wherever you need it, but big enough to contain all the food you'll need for 2 weeks! The 2-Week Food Supply Ammo Crate contains:

- 4 Servings of Traveler's Stew

- 8 Servings of Creamy Chicken Flavored Rice

- 4 Servings of Mac and Cheese

- 20 Servings of Long Grain White Rice

- 20 Servings of Buttermilk Pancakes

- 8 Servings of Southwest Savory Rice

- 16 Servings of Maple Grove Oatmeal

- 12 Servings of Homestyle Potato Soup

     Don't miss out on being prepared and be caught unaware - stock up now and stay ready with the 2-Week Food Supply Ammo Crate!

Warning: This product only ships within the United States.

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