Vegetarian Taco Meat Substitute (30 servings)

Vegetarian Taco Meat Substitute (30 servings)

One of the most dreaded tasks is coming up with meal ideas that everyone is happy with. In today's busy family it is harder than ever to get your family together to eat healthy family meals. Tacos are a tasty option to have for dinner, and they are fast, nourishing, and flavor-packed. 

The news media has focused on the Coronavirus emergency for days now. At the start of February, demand for our storable food products was 10X above normal. Since the start of this week it has spiked to 100X normal volume. We have documented this change almost daily for you on this web page. These are unprecedented times. It's no longer "emergency preparedness" we're dealing with, but "emergency reaction." Please be aware that there will be a delay in shipping of 10 weeks or more.

Boosting your immune system during a crisis is just as important as storable food. Don't wait until it's all gone!


You can use our already seasoned, vegetarian taco meat to make tacos, add them as your meat to chili, or make a delicious taco pie. Want to add even more veggies to the meal? Make a taco salad topped with Ready Hour Veggie Taco Meat! There are many uses for this versatile, protein-packed ingredient. 

Many Advantages:

  • Add Ready Hour Beans to Ready Hour Vegetarian Taco Meat for a delicious chili.
  • Vegetarian Taco Meat with fresh vegetables makes a delicious taco salad. 
  •  Prepare delicious nachos sprinkling some Vegetarian Taco Meat on top.

Best of all, the meat comes in our #10 can that is waterproof and rodent proof, keeping foods from going bad and lasts for years to come. Weighs 3.2 pounds.

Due to high demand, please allow potentially over 10 weeks for delivery.

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