Nascent Iodine Surface Spray

Nascent Iodine Surface Spray

This is not your average spray cleaner - this is the first-ever Nascent Iodine Surface Spray from Infowars Life!


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It's time to experience the cleaning power of Infowars Life Nascent Iodine Surface Spray!

As we get more adjusted to spending time at home, it's important that we make sure our surroundings are clean. That's why we made the first Nascent Iodine Surface Spray for your at-home and at-work protection!

This formula can be used for general cleaning purposes, such as pots and pans, dishware, and silverware to help protect your family where you need it most.

As this formula is very powerful, we only recommend using this on hard surfaces such as marble, linoleum, and metal. If used on soft cloth surfaces, the powerful potential of this formula will stain due to the active iodine.

This is not your average spray cleaner - this is the serious absolute cleaning power to make sure that your home surfaces are safe.

The first ever nascent iodine surface spray is now available to help protect you, your friends, and your family - it's the perfect gift for those serious about keeping their environment up to their cleanliness needs! 

Try it today to protect yourself and your loved ones with a special introductory discount.

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