Prebiotic Fiber 2 Pack

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Feel fuller and amp up your body's probiotic potential with Prebiotic Fiber! *

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Start Curbing Your Appetite And Supporting Your Metabolism Today!

            Sometimes it’s hard to get all the fiber that your body needs. Whether it’s stress, time or simply a lack of nutrients in the diet, Prebiotic fiber tends to be left behind on the nutrients list. Others will buy expensive supplements that use cheap prebiotics that lack in the strength you really need without even realizing it! That’s why our team worked to create a powerful formula to help you feel full and provide your body the good prebiotic fiber it needs with Prebiotic Fiber from Infowars Life.*

            Your body is constantly filled with bacteria, good and bad. Because the number of bacteria in your body outnumbers the cells in your body by 10 to 1, it’s important that you help support the good bacteria! The prebiotics in our formula preferentially feed the good bacteria that help you digest food, absorb nutrients and even boost your immunity to fight back against the horde of bad bacteria in your system! Prebiotic fiber also aids in that fight as a soluble fiber that can be fermented in the gut to help feed those good bacteria, or probiotics. In fact, the US FDA recommends that adults get at least 25 grams of fiber a day.

            Prebiotic Fiber is a powerful formula made to help you defend your body and turn the tide against the harmful bacteria through many ways. With soluble fiber, Prebiotic Fiber can help interfere with the absorption of fat and cholesterol to help lower harmful LDL cholesterol levels and keep you feeling full and satisfied longer. And unlike other cheap prebiotics like inulin, our premium organic Acacia fiber is slowly digested by the good gut bacteria throughout the entire colon for maximum prebiotic effect!*

Prebiotic Fiber can help you with:

  • Promoting digestive balance*
  • Prebiotic fiber supports a healthy intestinal flora*
  • Helps curb appetite by making you feel fuller longer*
  • Promotes the growth of good bacteria*
  • Helps support healthy metabolism*

What’s Inside The Bottle?

            Prebiotic Fiber uses the incredible premium organic Acacia fiber for maximum prebiotic effect. We use only the highest quality, organic and clinically studied acacia prebiotic fiber plus organic fruit and flax fiber for this incredible formula to help your good bacteria fight back. This incredible formula was made with these powerful ingredients:

  • Organic Acacia Fiber – Organic acacia fiber of the highest quality. Unbleanched and unmodified by chemicals. Clinically studied for its prebiotic benefits.
  • Organic Apple Fruit Fiber – A mixture of soluble prebiotic fiber and insoluble bulk-forming fiber.
  • Organic Flax Seed – Flax seed is known for its soluble fiber’s ability to absorb water and increase in size, this creates a feeling of fullness.
  • Organic Blueberry Fruit Fiber  - Blueberry fiber is known for containing antioxidants from the skin of the blueberry as well as providing a high quality fiber.
  • Organic Cranberry Fruit Fiber – Dried unsweetened cranberry fruit is high in fiber as well as vitamin c, antioxidants, vitamin e, and vitamin K.


            These powerful fibers work together to create an incredible formula that promotes digestive balance, promotes the growth of good bacteria in the gut, helps curb your appetite by making you feel fuller longer and helps support a healthy metabolism.*

            With Prebiotic Fiber, you can finally support the good bacteria in your body in the fight against the bad bacteria. Don’t just go for a cheap and ineffective prebiotic formula – get Prebiotic Fiber with the powerful Acacia fibers today to start supporting your body!*

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