Isocube 3 Meal - Black & Red

Isocube 3 Meal - Black & Red
The IsoCube’s convenient, compact size allows for easy transport and storage of your meals.
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A Big Amount of Food in a Small Meal Bag: Introducing the Isocube.

As with every ISO product, quality and usability is paramount. The main goals when designing the Isocube were to:

  • Conform to the customer's request of a smaller meal prep bag
  • Still retain some form of side and compartmental storage (a favorite feature among customers)
  • Retain the 3-4 meal capacity of the ISO BAG
  • Make the lightest 3 meal bag on the market
  • This quality meal prep bag was created by eliminating the side insulated pockets of the ISOBAG. It does still retain the 2 side mesh pockets that our customers deemed a "must-have" feature of their IsoBag. This is the ideal place to store water or shaker bottles. The Isocube's convenient, compact size allows for easy transport and storage of your meals.

    This compact lunch cooler carries between 3 and 4 meals that can be stored in the front-loading or top container compartments. The main meal compartment comfortably holds 3 of our large containers (28 oz. or 38 oz.) or 4 of our smaller containers (16 oz. or 12 oz.). By eliminating some of the extra storage space that many of our customers were not utilizing, they created the compact size of the Isocube, a great meal prep lunch box.

    Features of the Isocube:
    • Fully insulated meal management system with additional top storage compartment.
    • Compact version of the larger 3 Meal Isobag.
    • Comes with a shoulder strap, 2 Isobricks and 6 food containers (1-12 oz., 3-16 oz., 1-28 oz., 1-38 oz.)
    • Dimensions: 9"x8"x10" (LxWxH)
    • Mesh side pockets that are good for storing your wallet, keys, headphones, and other accessories.
    • Manufactured in the USA.
    Why choose the Isocube Meal Bag as Your Meal Prep Bag?

    If you use a 3 Meal Isobag and find that some days you don't need the side compartments, the Isocube is a great addition to your Isofamily. Whether you're planning a healthy lunch for work, post workout snacks after the gym, or food for your kid's soccer games, the Isocube is the perfect gym bag lunch box for your everyday meal prepping needs! Continuing your healthy ways while away from home can be expensive and troublesome, but with the Isocube you'll be able to easily stay on track with your meals and nutrition.

    Isolator Fitness is committed to creating Eco-friendly, durable products, which is why the Isocube is designed to withstand regular everyday carry use and the meal containers are made with BPA-free materials. Each food container can be stacked, is microwavable, dishwasher, and freezer safe. The Isocube boasts a top compartment that many use to house healthy snacks, utensils, or one Isobag container (our 12 oz. and 16 oz. fit most comfortably). The Isocube offers many of the same features as the traditional Isobag, including a comfortable and convenient shoulder strap, and two side mesh pockets for storage of water bottles, protein shakes, a wallet, cell phone, keys, etc.

    Did you know: All of the meal prep bags in the ISO family are the only lunch coolers made in the United States of America. All other bags are sourced overseas.

    *Shipping Information:  To ensure quality and to reduce costs, this item ships directly from the supplier. If you purchase additional items, they will be shipped separately. This item does not come with free Citizen's Rulebook and Infowars stickers since it does not ship directly from the Infowars warehouse.  The distributor reserves the right to use a shipping method that is different than what is selected during check out.
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