IsoDuffle - Red

IsoDuffle - Red
The ultimate gym bag with a modular meal management compartment.
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The ISO Duffle™ - the ultimate gym bag with a modular meal management compartment:

Today's serious athlete understands that training is a 24/7/365 obligation, one unhealthy meal can offset the gains of an entire week. Additionally, a day of missed physical training can throw an entire exercise regimen off-track.

The reason the world records are dropping on many amateur time- or weight-based sports is because athletes have learned that proper nutrition is just as, if not more, important than physical training. The ISO Duffle™ was designed from the ground-up to be a staple of every serious athlete. It's a modular meal management duffle that will be the best gym bag you will ever own. Never miss a day in the gym - never miss a healthy meal with the ISO Duffle™.

When we designed the ISO Duffle™, we responded to our customer's requests of:

  • A durable fitness gym bag for men and women that can hold clothing and accessories
  • A modular meal management compartment that can be removed when not needed
  • A duffle bag that can stand up to everyday use - and also handle the rigors of being a carry-on bag for flights
  • A gym bag that can also function as a tote and crossbody bag as needed
  • A sports duffle that is not ridiculously large - both in price tag and size.
  • Keep it lightweight

What resulted was another quality gym bag from Isolator Fitness, the ISO Duffle™. As with all Isolator bags, the ISO Duffle™ is made in the USA. It is big enough to handle all your fitness tote needs, while still having room for a 6 meal management compartment. The ISO Duffle™ represents the modern athlete's duffle bag - room for meal management as well as clothing and accessories.

The duffle includes 8 containers (Two-12 oz., Two-16 oz., Two-28 oz., Two-38 oz.) and Two-7 oz. Isobricks.

As with all our meal prep bags, the ISO Duffle™ is filled with innovative storage compartments.

  • A hidden internal "front-side" storage compartment with 2 mesh pockets. The mesh pockets are ideal for cellphones, keys, building access fobs, nutrition bars and or snacks. The main hidden compartment is perfect for
  • A highly insulated meal compartment that can house up to 4-6 meals. The insulation is built into the compartment itself- meaning that when it's not housing the meal container, it doubles the duffle's storing capacity.
  • When the meal container is removed- the compartment can function to keep even more gym clothes, shoes or other items completely separate from the inside of the bag.
  • Two external mesh pockets that can house water, protein shakes, other fitness drinks or items.
Because of the modular meal compartment, the ISO Duffle™ can also function effectively as a:
  • Travel or light-luggage bag, carry on bag for airlines. All major airlines recognize the ISO Duffle™ as an acceptable carry-on for overhead storage.
  • A mens and womens gym bag that has a main compartment storage capacity of 1.7 cubic ft!
  • A duffle that can help athletes stay on track with their training and meal management.

Did you know: All of the meal prep bags in the ISO family are the only lunch coolers made in the United States of America. All other bags are sourced overseas.

*Shipping Information:  To ensure quality and to reduce costs, this item ships directly from the supplier. If you purchase additional items, they will be shipped separately. This item does not come with free Citizen's Rulebook and Infowars stickers since it does not ship directly from the Infowars warehouse.  The distributor reserves the right to use a shipping method that is different than what is selected during check out.

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