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AromaSphere Essential Oil Diffuser Pads

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Essential Oil Diffuser Replacement Pads to keep your Diffuser Pod running!

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     Make sure your AromaSphereEssential Oil Scent Diffuser Pod never runs dry with these AromaSphereEssential Oil Diffuser Replacement Pads! The AromaSphereEssential Oil Diffuser Pod is great for spreading around the wonderful scent of our popular Essential Oils to help you relax in your home. With it's silent fan and small size, it's portable and affordable! But to make sure you're truly capable of carrying around your favorite scent, stock up on these Diffuser Replacement Pads to keep the aromatherapy going no matter where you are. 

     With just a few drops of our Emric's Essentials Essential Oils, the silent fan inside can project the soothing, fragrant, and healthy aromatherapy to you and anyone who walks in! Ranging from frankincense to lemongrass, these powerful smells can help relax your body and ease your stress. Now, you finally have an easy way to spread your favorite essential oil smell across any room to maximize it's benefits! 

     Keep your AromaSphereEssential Oil Scent Diffuser Pod working and ready with these replacement pads so your room will always be relaxing and stress free. 

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