Brain Force Plus: 10 Pack

Brain Force Plus: 10 Pack

For the greatest savings possible, you can buy our NEW Brain Force Plus supplement in a bulk 10-Pack and ensure that you'll be able to flip the switch and supercharge your state of mind for months!

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The All-New Supercharged Brain Force PLUS: Because There's A War On For Your Mind!

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Despite what most would believe, all of the top scientists and researchers agree: we are constantly under attack by dangeorus outside soures using toxic weapons that lie in wait in the food and water supply that are aimed at making us fat, sick, stupid and complacent in an attempt to dumb down and capitalize on our population for a globalist take over. 

It's time to join together with your fellow patriots and fight back against the toxins and waste that are placed in our supply with the all new powerful Brain Force PLUS formula, the next generation of advanced neural activation supplements for our fans and consumers. This all-new, all-enhanced formula was chosen by the Infowars team and our Infowars Life scientists, not only because it contains 20% more capsules per bottle for the best savings possible and the most powerful effects, but because it has been enhanced for maximum potency per capsule, and even additionally contains a brand new, powerful ingredient called Black Pepper Fruit Extract for an added kick and an even more powerful effect.

Brain Force has been an absolute favorite among thousands of listeners, with hundreds of 5-star reviews coming in from certified third party review sites. Now, with Brain Force PLUS, we have gone the extra level. This is what I take before a hard-hitting show. I absolutely love it, and the crew does too. This stuff is over the top powerful!” - Alex Jones

Here Are A Few Of The Powerful Ingredients Used For A Boost In Effect For Brain Force PLUS:

  • Bacopa Herb Extract: Traditionally used in medicines and supplements as an important neurological tonic and cognitive enhancer in Ayurvedic medicine, Bacopa Herb Extract works powerfully in Brain Force Plus to provide adaptogenic stress relief, anti-anxiety based effects, to boost memory improvement, reduce the effect of alzheimer's disease, and provide benefts towards ongoing epilepsy treatment and reducing chronic pain.*
  • Alpha-GPC: A natural compound that is found in the brain that delivers choline, a water-soluble essential nutrient, across the brain barrier. When combined with other nootropics in our powerful and popular Brain Force Plus supplement, Alpha-GPC will work to increase memory enhancement, act as an energy booster, supports overall brain health by encouraging the development of new brain cells within the mind, increases strength and rapid post-exertion recovery, and boost mood and mental stamina in the fight against the globalists.*
  • Yerba Mate Leaf Powder: Containing natural amounts of caffeine for an organic boost in energy, yerba mate is also loaded with polyphenols like quercetin, as well as potassium, magnesium, and manganese. Yerba Mate has been proven to provide a smooth increase in energy, a boost to all mental functions, acts as a natural powerfhouse loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants such as Vitamins A-E, works to boost the immune system, and help you lose weight and build strong bones.*
  • Phosphatidylserine: An important chemical that is responsible for a number of important functions within the body, phosphatidylserine is particularly known for its maintenance of cell structure in the brain. When used within our Brain Force Plus fomula, Phosphatidylserine works powerfully to aid the slowdown of age-related cognitive decline, combats depression within the mind, and helps to treat ADHD symptoms and boost athletic performance.*
  • L-Theanine: An amino acid that is one of the key constituents of green tea, L-theanine helps transmit nerve impulses in the brain and has been shown to have a positive effect on stress levels, and works to have healthy brain benefits that cross the blood-brain barrior to create effects similar to relaxation.*
  • Vitamin B-12: Vitamin B-12 promotes energy production through supporting the body's natural processes of the adrenal glands, red blood cell formation, and many others to increase and support cognitive functions within the mind and provide a strong boost as an energy-enhancer and athletic performance boost. Vitamin B12 is also used to help combat the effects of Alzheimers!*
  • Black Pepper Fruit Extract: taken from the Piper nigrum fruit, black pepper has been used since antiquity as a form of traditional medicine and medicinal ingredient to aid in providing powerful benefits for metabolic chain reactions and cognitive function, and was chosen by our chemists and crew to give Brain Force PLUS an extra kick. This is one of the greatest strengths of the new, improved Brain Force PLUS formula that we are happy to provide to our loyal fans and customers.*

It has taken over a year to develop and procure the all-new Brain Force PLUS formula, and it was a year well worth the wait, with the Infowars Crew and the scientists behind Infowars Life field testing hundreds of different options and ingredients before choosing the undisputed winning formula that would go on to become Brain Force PLUS, and provide thousands of happy and satisfied customers and fans with the cognitive and energy boost that they want!

Now is the time to secure your bottle of our brand new powerful Brain Force PLUS formula and flip the switch for yourself to fight against the dangerous toxins and waste in the water and food supply. Supercharge your state of mind and fight agains the globalists in the war for your mind with our powerful Brain Force PLUS supplement, and see for yourself why the Infowars Crew is powered every day by this key formula and intense supplement.

Buy now and save heavily with our bulk 10-pack!


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