Hearty Soups #10 Can Pack

Hearty Soups #10 Can Pack

Here in snowy Utah, where many of us at MPS work, we know a thing or two about warming up. There's nothing like a hot, hearty bowl of soup and a big hunk of bread to go along with. 

Great to eat during an emergency! 

The news media has focused on the Coronavirus emergency for days now. At the start of February, demand for our storable food products was 10X above normal. Since the start of this week it has spiked to 100X normal volume. We have documented this change almost daily for you on this web page. These are unprecedented times. It's no longer "emergency preparedness" we're dealing with, but "emergency reaction." Please be aware that there will be a delay in shipping of 16 weeks or more.

5 Hearty Soups with Honey Wheat Bread.

We've put together an exclusive pack of Ready Hour emergency foods just for those times you really need a warm up. This is the only kit we offer that includes our fan-favorite soups with our Honey Wheat Bread.

It's the perfect thing to whip up during a snow storm after getting the generator running. Hunters and hikers will love coming home to this kit after a long, cold day outside. Or, feed the family!  

Due to high demand, please allow potentially over 16 weeks for delivery.

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