I Won't Take The Mark

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A Bible book and contract for children.

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Helping children understand the Book of Revelation.

Revelation is a key book in the New Testament; however it can be mysterious and confusing, but it doesn't have to be.  It is the story of God's love and provision for His people when the Bible's promises are fulfilled and this fallen world is restored to perfect wholeness. 
  • How do you teach your children about John's vision?
  • How can future generations prepare for that time?
  • Do your children know how much God loves them?

This beautifully illustrated and scripturally accurate book gently conveys the warnings of Revelation while joyously celebrating the ultimate triumph of good over evil,  guiding children to a closer relationship with Jesus -- whether at home, in church, or as part of a Bible study.

Each page contains simple text for children, along with lavish illustrations and supporting scripture from the KJV Bible. 

The hardcover book also includes an 8x10 certificate for your child to sign, promising to worship only God and never take the mark of the beast.  The certificate is suitable for framing so your child will be continually reminded of his or her promise and will never forget it.

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