Infowars HD Digital TV Antenna

Infowars HD Digital TV Antenna

A powerful HD Digital TV Antenna to for any news or TV fan to help you cut the cable cord and stop supporting fake news!

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                Your cable bill can be an expensive addition to your monthly bills with almost zero reward. While mainstream media news floods the airwaves, you’re left paying for information you don’t want so you can watch the news you need. But with our HD Digital TV Antenna, you can finally cut the cord and still access the news you want without supporting big cable!

                The Infowars HD Digital TV Antenna is a must have for any news or TV junkie who doesn’t want to pay for the extra that is always included in your cable package. Providing full HD Crystal-Clear TV and HD sound quality, the smart TV antenna features a powerful amplifier signal booster with built-in smart IC Chip and Crystal-Clear Filter Technology to filter out cellular and FM signals for clearer picture.

                You can get up to 80 miles range and constantly scan for new broadcasts in your area – in some areas you can even pick up Alex Jones and other Infowars Shows! The Infowars HD Digital TV Antenna comes with an 18 foot coax cable and USB power adapter with overvoltage protection to give you the best options on finding the most secure signal.

                Don’t pay extra for fake news – save on all your favorite broadcasts with the Infowars HD Digital TV Antenna to cut the cord today!

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