Infowars Life Essentials Pack

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Introducing the flagship combo of the Infowars Store – The Infowars Life Essentials Pack

Retail: $149.85

Now: $74.85

Savings: $75.00 ( 50.05% )

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To help you start your year right, we’re bringing you a combo that includes our best and most popular products ever.

The Infowars Life Essentials Pack includes fan-favorite products Survival Shield X-2, Secret 12 and Super Male Vitality to help you start the year with a bang. 

Survival Shield X-2 is the perfect opportunity to try the power of nascent iodine. Our high quality proprietary formula is derived from ancient sea salts that help supercharge your functions. 

Super Male Vitality will help boost your body and enhance your vitality to keep you going no matter what the year will bring you!

Finally, Secret 12 will help deliver the boost of energy you need with an advanced and all-natural B12 formula to keep you going all year long.

Together, these products have over 13,000 reviews with a combined 4.8 out of 5 rating. These flagship products are fan-favorite for a reason – they’re healthy, affordable, and will support keeping your body strong, natural and energized.

Don’t miss out on the most incredible sale on our flagship products yet!

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