Earth Changes - Ripple Effect DVD From Earth Pulse

Earth Changes - Ripple Effect DVD From Earth Pulse

Volume 4 of the prolific Earth Rising series covers the changes facing Planet Earth in the Arctic and Antarctic regions! 

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Earth Rising Series Volume 4. Arctic and Antarctic regions of the world are being profoundly affected by earth changes. The arguments over manmade or natural causes continues to be debated but what can not be denied is –Things are changing regardless of the cause! This DVD addresses many of the issues facing the all of us as residents and stewards of planet earth. The narrator presents his personal experience and knowledge combined with the latest research on these subjects. Climate changes, earthquake increases, pole reversals and pole shifts are discussed using Alaska as an example of the changes now taking place. In addition energy policy and alternatives are discussed as well as some of the economic issues related to earth changes. Energy policy issues are discussed in terms strategies that might be applied to national and international energy matters.

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