Alt-Hero #6 - The Dark Hunt

Alt-Hero #6 - The Dark Hunt

Catch up with the latest in the exciting new line of alternative superhero comics from Arkhaven Comics!

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The Best Parts Of Comics, Without The Social Justice

 If you grew up on the exciting stories of comic companies like Marvel, DC, Darkhorse and more, you're likely dissapointed in the comics of today. Filled with excessive social justice, uninteresting stories, constant character changes and focusing on movies instead of readers, the world of comics isn't near as good as it used to be. 

     That's why Vox Day stepped in to create Alt-Hero, an exciting new kickstarted comic book series to challenge the SJW-converged comics of DC and Marvel. Set inside a world with a slightly altered history and timeline, Alt-Hero focuses on newly discovered instant classic heroes with incredible powers such as Dynamique and Captain Europa. With striking art, fascinating stories that cover today's issues, and incredible powers, there's nowhere better to turn for your daily dose of heroism. 

     As the superpowered Homo Sequens and heroes continue to pursue justice, the threats around them - and the potential dangers of government overreach - only grow stronger. This is sure to be an incredible series that must not be missed!

     Don't miss out on an opportunity to strike back against social justice and the SJW filled comic world while keeping up with one of the most exciting comic series to date with Alt-Hero from Vox Day!

Alt-Hero #6 - The Dark Hunt

      An angry Captain Europa is desperate to get revenge for his public humiliation at the Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately for him, Jean-Michel Durand and Christian Foucault are nowhere to be found! So when the two renegade superhumans suddenly show up without warning on the Paris Metro security cameras, the Global Justice Initiative leaps into action to try to catch them before they disappear again.

      But there are few better places on Earth for outlaws to vanish than the massive graveyards located directly below the streets of the French capital. The war for superhumanity continues in The Dark Hunt!

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