TERMINATED – the End of Man is Here

TERMINATED – the End of Man is Here

Humanity on the brink of extinction.

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The human race has come to the point of no flesh left alive. Transhumanism and genetic engineering, when coupled with the hybridization of human-animal “genetic constructs”, are thrusting us back in to the Golden Age of mythological monsters and godlike humans. Superheroes, robots, and demon-possessed machines will take humanity to the brink of extinction. The false promise of eternal life through technology, with new body parts and perpetual updates to your brain (enhanced neural networks), along with software and hardware updates, will be the ultimate seduction that most will be unable to resist. Obviously, those who will reject this “technocratic clusters paradise” will flee from the autonomous and self-directed slaughter-bots, setting the stage for a 5G electronic prison net run by the Luciferian Elite and their Fallen Angel Overlords; enabling the obliteration of our entire species.

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