20 Years of Conversation and Enter-Views with Public Enemy's Professor Griff
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Analytixz: 20 Years of Conversations and Enter-Views With Public Enemy's Minister of Information is an insightful and revealing collection of interviews of Professor Griff. Compiled over a span of 20 years, these interviews lend insight into one of the most thoughtful and controversial figures in hip hop music. Not only was Professor Griff a founding member of the legendary hip hop group Public Enemy, he is also a highly acclaimed, seasoned entertainment industry veteran and sought-after resource on all aspects of the music business. An activist within both the conscious and hip hop communities, Griff currently stands as a permanent fixture on the international lecture circuit with his riveting and powerful discourse.

The interviews contained within Professor Griff's Analytixz covers an array of subjects from the early days of Public Enemy, to controversies surrounding his views and statements, to his analytical critiques of politics, pop culture, and the music/entertainment industry. This book is not just intended for the hip hop aficionado, it is for anyone who wants to better understand the world we live in and how pop culture is manufactured to benefit of the ruling elite.
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