America Destroyed by Design DVD

America Destroyed by Design DVD
Find out how the sovereignty of the US is being subordinated to global interests.
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The first of many documentaries from Alex Jones to reveal the truth to the American People

In Alex Jones' first full-feature documentary, watch as he travels the U.S. to discover the truth - that it is rapidly being taken over by the Globalist agendas. 

With this video, you can have the proof you need and stand with Alex Jones as he uncovers how the soveriegnty of the U.S. is under attack. Learn how our soveriegnty is subordinated to globalists and the Deep State such as Presidio foundations, the United Nations, Chinese Interests and many more as they try to take over our parklands and the Panama Canal. 

Stand with us in the first battles of the Infowar and show your support by purchasing this DVD to learn more about the grave threat to us all. You can watch as we reveal how the United nations indoctrinates our children and se einterviews with witnesses of the Oklahoma city bombing. 

This DVD makes a perfect gift for those who are beginning to awaken to the threat that waits in the dark. Learn more and fight against the Globalist Agenda with America: Destroyed by Design! 

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