Police State Trilogy DVD

Police State Trilogy DVD
Get the first three of Alex Jones' Police State documentaries together and expose the police state for one incredibly low price.
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The Police State Trilogy DVD set is a combination of all of Alex Jones police state videos. The Trilogy set includes:
  • Police State 2000
  • Police State II: The Takeover
  • Police State III: Total Enslavement
Police State 2000 – Fight the Rise of the Police State. Alex Jones Brings You the Facts
Alex Jones reports from the frontlines of America's unfolding police state, revealing the globalist plot to militarize America's law enforcement and pave the way for tyranny backed by martial law. While our freedoms are being systematically dismantled, our military and law enforcement are being conditioned to enforce New World Order policies on civilians.
Police State II: The Takeover – Alex Jones Exposes the Cycle of Fear & Reaction Being Used to Paralyze the Public
The looming specter of terrorism has become the ultimate excuse for the systematic oppression of the American people. Homeland Security, Patriot Act 1 & 2, the Total Information Awareness Network – these have all been created and endorsed under the guise of national security. But what are the real reasons for these measures, and exactly what ends justify these means?
Police State III: Total Enslavement – We Face the Greatest Evil Ever Seen
...a systematically crafted global dictatorship sworn to enslave every man, woman, and child. It's time to wake up to the facts: The U.S. government has fallen under the control of the sinister engineers of the New World Order. 9/11 merely marked the start of the final phase of the Illuminati scheme to consolidate their global power and transform Earth into a prison planet. Alex Jones profiles the psychopathic character of the globalists. Learn the master-plan of the bloodthirsty elite to financially, physically and spiritually imprison the world.
The Trilogy DVD set includes all three DVDs in one special edition Police State Trilogy case.
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