The Crossroads of Hunter Wilde

The Crossroads of Hunter Wilde

The latest from Amerigeddon director Mike Norris, The Crossroads of Hunter Wilde will help you see how a man can hold strong to his faith, even in the face of the end of the world. 

Rating: 70 % of 100 3.5
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     Created by the powerhouse behind Amerigeddon, Mike Norris, The Crossroads of Hunter Wilde will keep you on the edge of your seats. When an apocalyptic event strikes the Earth, Hunter Wilde and a group of Christian survivalists must defend the town of Crossroads from the hordes of demons seeking to destroy the remaining true believers. With the gates of Hell opened and day to day life getting more treacherous, it's up to Hunter Wilde to keep the faith of Crossroads together in this new and exciting Faith Based Action Suspense Film. 

     While the Main Stream Media and Big Hollywood continue to ignore Christians and the values of the majority of America, The Crossroads of Hunter Wilde is the perfect movie to explore your faith with family and friends without sacrificing the action or suspense! Get this movie now to experience the next big hit from Mike Norris and see The Crossroads of Hunter Wilde for yourself.

    Statement From Mike Norris, Director and son of Chuck Norris

     After a grueling two years on the film Amerigeddon, I wanted to do a film that is personal
to me. To explore where I was at personally in my faith. Although a work of fiction there
are a lot of similarities between me and Hunter Wilde. Am I giving my all to God? Are
there things unseen that want to destroy the me? Those were the thematic goals we
wanted to accomplish in the making of this film.

     But if I was going to be Hunter Wilde I needed help. David Timmes who has directed
2nd Unit on Amerigeddon was an easy choice to come in and Co-Direct the film with
me. Not only a great friend David is a great talent.

     We began filming in April of 2017 and finished post production in September 2017.
From script to screen we truly feel Crossroads of Hunter Wilde was a God inspired film. 

    About The Director:

    Growing up as the son of Chuck Norris, Mike was immersed in the film industry
from an early age. As a child, he always wanted to not just create, but create
something lasting. And after over 35 years in the film industry, Mike, along with his wife
Val, founded Norris Moving Pictures. Mike has a deep desire to tell faith inspired stories
that will move people to act out their faith in God.

    The reviews are in - The Crossroads of Hunter Wilde is an astounding faith based film:

     “Crossroads of Hunter Wilde is Chuck Norris approved.
     One of the finest films I’ve seen this year”.
    -Chuck Norris

     “Absolutely loved the film. The Crossroads of
     Hunter Wilde blows open the enemy’s playbook and
     shows us how to fight back against spiritual wickedness”.
    -Glen Cook, Pastor First Baptist Church Fate Texas

     “Seeing this movie will open your eyes and change
     the way you look at the world around you. It’s like a
     modern version of C.S. Lewis “Screwtape Letters”.
    -Rodney Love (Hearts of Love International)


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