True Legends: Holocaust of Giants DVD

True Legends: Holocaust of Giants DVD

In this explosive episode, Steve Quayle, Timothy Alberino, and Tom Horn pick up the trail of the Anasazi Indians in the Desert Southwest of the United States. What they discover will demand the re-writing of American history!

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True Legends Episode 3: Holocaust of Giants

An ancient conspiracy has been quietly burgeoning behind the bustle of the modern world. From the mounds of America, to the megalithic ruins on the island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea, the desiccated bones of dead giants are being systematically disentombed and secreted away to clandestine vaults for apocalyptic purposes. While occultists are attempting to harness the arcane necromancy of the Canaanites, genetic engineers are working feverishly to reconstitute the genomes of the giants, and resurrect the dreaded race of Rephaim in the earth.

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