You Can't Watch This

You Can't Watch This

Do we have a right to be on Facebook? Who decides? With social media an ever increasing hub of public life, what happens when you can't get online?

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You Can't Watch This is an independent documentary film concerning itself with Freedom of Speech and the online world. Told through the stories of high profile conservatives who vanished from the internet almost overnight, YCWT explores the effects and efficacy of social media censorship and the implications for Americans' First Amendment rights.

Seemingly overnight, 5 high-profile conservatives vanished from the Internet. Finally, we’re bringing you the historic documentary that covers it all.

 “You Can’t Watch This” is the new must have DVD that covers Big Tech’s war against Free Speech. You can bear witness to the silencing of conservatives worldwide and what it means for you.

 Featuring interviews by so-called “dangerous” people like Gavin McInnes, Paul Joseph Watson, Tommy Robinson, Laura Loomer and Alex Jones, “You Can’t Watch This” will show the war against free thinkers.

 By buying this DVD, you’re learning the truth about Big Tech censorship the Main Stream Media doesn’t want you to know. This is your chance to fight back against the Orwellian censorship of conservatives!

 Support Independent Media and learn more on the deplatforming war with “You Can’t Watch This” at the Infowars Store!

Also, make sure to pick up the book that dives deeper into the global censorship agenda here!

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