Trump: The Art Of The Insult

Trump: The Art Of The Insult
Laugh alongside the leader of the free world as you see how President Trump used his marketing genius to insult his way into the Oval Office!
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    A brilliant documentary by director Joel Gilbert that educates and entertains throughout the entire movie! Learn how Donald Trump used his skill to bash the media and brand his political oppoenents, all while speaking directly to the American middle class. While he may have mocked and taunted his opponents, he went beyond what was expected of political candidates and went right to the people. Witness this incredible story and remember all of the laughs you had along the way when you see how Donald Trump used the Art Of The Insult to secure his victory on the national stage! 


About The Film

Thirty years after he authored The Art of the Deal, Donald Trump used The Art of the Insult to brand political opponents and bash the media all the way to the White House. While critics insisted "The Donald" was merely a chaotic sideshow, Trump was dominating the 24-hour news cycle with a master plan of political incorrectness. Hurling insults like Low-Energy Jeb, Lyin' Ted, Crooked Hillary, Little Marco, Pocahontas, and Fake News, Trump emerged in 2016 as an unstoppable political phenomenon who transformed the Presidential race into the greatest show on earth. Trump The Art of the Insult tells the story of Donald Trump's improbable journey from Trump Tower to rallies across America to the debate stage, where he reveled in mocking and taunting rivals with targeted insults and nicknames, leaving them gasping for air. Not only did he push frontrunner Jeb Bush out of the Presidential race early on, Trump proved him wrong when Bush lectured during a debate "Donald, you can't insult your way to the Presidency." In Trump The Art of the Insult, the President is often sophomoric and sometimes brutal, yet always entertaining. Love or hate Donald Trump, you'll find yourself laughing along with the leader of the free world, and marveling at Trump, a marketing genius and performance artist who, despite being a Manhattan billionaire, captured the hearts of middle America.


About The Director

Joel Gilbert has written, directed and produced political documentary feature films on Barack Obama, Iran, and the Middle East conflict, as well as films on music icons Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley and Paul McCartney. 


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