Infowars Road Warrior Combo

Infowars Road Warrior Combo

Looking to represent the Infowar? With the Infowars Road Warrior set, you can spread the word anywhere you go with 70 fan-favorite stickers and a set of car magnets!

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You can also get the car magnets, sticker sheets, IW square logo stickers, forbidden information stickers and blue fluoride stickers by themselves!

     As the censorship grows, it's more important than ever to spread the news about the Infowar. Our crew is hard at work spreading the truth, so representing it's the first strike back against the Main Stream Media and big tech bullies. 

     Take to the streets and spread the word with this Infowars Road Warrior set! With 70 of our most fan-favorite stickers and a set of the new car magnets, you'll be set to introduce your sleeping fellow Americans to the truth of the world. 

     The stickers are small but noticable - used as bumper stickers or just as an attachment, they can easily fit on laptops, cameras, bags and more! The Infowars Road Warrior set includes:

  • One of each size of car magnet
  • 10 Infowars sticker sheets
  • 25 Infowars Square Logo stickers
  • 25 Forbidden Information stickers
  • 10 Blue Fluoride stickers

     Take to the streets and represent your fellow patriots and Infowarriors today with MASSIVE savings on our stickers - you can get these almost at-cost!

**Infowars Stickers are only intended for legal and lawful use. Please refrain from defacing any public property.  Respect your fellow citizens' private property rights and do not post stickers without prior consent.  Alex Jones and Free Speech Systems, LLC do not condone any illegal, prohibited or disrespectful use of stickers and are not liable for any damages resulting from the inappropriate use of these stickers.**

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